Is there such a thing as a “Good” Binary Option Company”?

Fri Nov 2016 | rsito

The simple answer is No!

From Myself and Rebecca’s years of experience and our on-going investigations we have uncovered many truths that may shock and surprise you.

Do the prices on the Binary platform match the market ?


  • The closing price of any trade that you open will always be market price. The price that the company offers you when you are opening the trade will never be the market price. This is why you will see a couple of seconds before your trade closes you will see a quick movement (correction) so it will match the market price. Please note that the companies do not hide this, at least the regulated have this in the small print.


How do Binary Companies Make Money ?
  • Contrary to what every broker will tell you. When you lose a trade the broker and binary company win!!!. They have absolutely no other means of making money other than when you lose.
Is My Binary Account Secure & Safe ?
  • The company is in full control of your account. They can manipulate the prices of the assets offered on a client by client basis. If you are winning, they will make it harder and harder for you to keep on winning.
Does my Binary Broker have the Relevant Experience ?
  • “Brokers, account managers or analysts” are none of the above. They are sales people. If your account manager claims to be a broker ask from him/her there personal broker licence number and which authority licences them. They will surely try to change the subject very quickly. Never take the advice of these sales people
Is this Gambling ?
  • However strongly the binary companies try to market this as “investing” please be aware this is not investing in any sense of the word. This is GAMBLING. You are safer going into a casino than investing on a binary site.
Can you make money trading Binary Options ?


  • Statistically you need to have a winning ratio of at least 57% just to break even. 99% lose in the first month and only 3% win, It means the rest of 97%

Lose. That is not easy!!. You have a better chance in a casino.

They will Give me Bonuses, Risk free trades and Gifts
  • If you have an account with a binary company do not take any bonuses, benefits, gifts or insured, risk free trades from them. Nothing and I mean nothing is risk free or comes without strings attached.
I Researched the Company Before I Deposited
  • Any webpage that you see and it gives a particular binary options company a 4 or 5 star rating is probably owned by that company. Don’t fall for it!
But the Company is Regulated
  • Regulation: It does not really mean anything. Most big binary companies are regulated by so called “soft regulators” from small in descript countries, mostly tax havens. I have serious doubts whether any reputable regulator (FCA London, Bafin Germany or SEC USA) would ever regulate any of these firms.
Binary Option company is like an investment House….No?
  • No they are not banks or investment houses. They are media companies. Another issue is not just the actual Binary companies themselves, you have the service providers (Spotoption, Tradologic etc) these companies are facilitating all of the above scams. These are the main root of the problem. Anyone and I mean anyone can contact either of these companies and licence there platform software and start their own binary company in their garage. No due diligence, background checks… nothing.